Prince Of Egypt Analysis

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The film Prince of Egypt is unreliable when compared to the Biblical account of the Exodus. The 1998 DreamWorks retelling of the testimony of the Exodus remodels the story of Moses. It does this by bringing along the Major theme of audience relation and appeal, those of which differ from the Bible's theme of God is mighty and can do all things. Nonetheless examples of the Motion picture’s theme are found in the Settings, Characters & Storyline changes. These changes lower the films credibility when compared to the Bible. The film is based on the Biblical book of Exodus, though based on Exodus the film has many flaws. Some of which are the Condition of the Nile, Giza and Rameses, also the burning bush. In the Film Prince of Egypt when a young, dashing Moses is placed into the reeds and water everything goes wrong. There are crocodiles, hippos & boats very nearly hitting him, this scene greatly differs to the Bible as shows that it was hectic. Though in the bible young Moses was put in the reeds and God carried him calmly across the water. Another setting change was the location of the Hebrew camps. In the story of Exodus the camps were in Rameses accordingly, unlike the animation where it was in Giza with the pyramids & the sphinx. The last setting change is the Burning bush; in the Moses narrative the burning bush is calm, quiet & soft. Whereas in the film the burning bush is set in a cold, hard, dark, scary cave with God's voice booming and quieting to creating

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