Prince Of Egypt Character Analysis

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The play Prince of Egypt directed by Scott Schwartz an American child actor who participated in Toy Story and now a director has shown his vision of the marvelous play in the Silicon Valley TheatreWorks. Additionally, the play itself is dramatic and musical. To sum the play, an orphan Hebrew was found near the river and was brought into one of the most prestigious family in Egypt. A huge amount of time has passed seeing Moses (Hebrew child) and Ramses (Son of the Pharaoh) growing up together into adults. However, a war caused the sickness or death of the Pharaoh, which leads Ramses to be the new leader. Moses and Ramses has a strong bond between each other, until Moses finds out his true identity; which is being born as a Hebrew. Eventually finding out his true self, his goals were to free the Hebrews being captive by the Pharaoh, which in this case it is now Ramses. With hard work and determination, Moses has fulfilled his duty to free his people. In the ending of the play, I was amazed and enjoyed the play. Therefore, I wished for another seeing of this beautiful work just by how the themes, plot, creative staging, and the passion of the director is put out there to everyone else. The theme of the play has a sense of nationality and or slavery which is still relatable today. Seeing that being displayed in a creative way into a play was just outstanding. To illustrate, Moses was suppose to be grouped into slavery or low class, but has lived like a prince.
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