Prince Sports Case Study

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Prince Sports Case Study Valerie Bodner Marketing Principles

Dr. Awesome

October 17, 2015

This case study explores different marketing techniques utilized by Prince sports. Research is conducted by utilizing marketing concepts retrieved from various publications as well as Prince sports website. Evolution in technology, joint ventures and adoption of different marketing techniques proved to be successful for Prince sports. There was an evolution of marketing all together at the height of Prince sports success with the introduction and adoption of social media in the marketplace. Prince sports ability to adapt and make changes based on consumer feedback
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These strategies allowed Prince sports to regain previous clients that stop using their products due to the innovations only being available. The use of social media marketing has become a standard way in which organizations advertise their products or services. Social media marketing allows consumers to have immediate access to other consumers reviews or to post a review about a product or service. There is engagement between the company and the consumer (Evans, Dave 2010). Social Media emerged in the late 1980’s when websites such as Prodigy, Compuserve and America Online. Prodigy was first of it’s kind and was known as a ”consumer online service”. Half of the page is devoted to advertising. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Hi5, Bebo and Orkut are all social media platforms that are utilized as platforms today. According to, In April 2003, marketing executives at Prince sports realized the importance of updating their website to increase more traffic, stay up to date with designs and ensure their users have a positive experience when visiting. Once these changes were made, through their website,, they were able to communicate educational information including tennis tips, information about products and industry news. When first entering the site, a person can choose from tennis, prince squash, ektelon racquetball or viking athletics. Anyone interested in
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