Prince Sports Case Study Essay

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Dominique Boivin Marketing Principles 2 March 2013 MO2A3 Prince Sports Case Study Prince Sports has managed to remain in their field, but the task was not easy. They have been in business for over forty years and have continued to evolve to fit the needs of the consumers while also managing to expand their products. In doing so, they have needed to keep their company ahead of trends that have occurred in the market. So far, they have managed to do so, but with the continuously changing market and economy, Prince Sports needs to constantly be performing research on how to stay ahead. They also have to take in to consideration how these changes are going to affect the products and customers they…show more content…
The same can be said for trends and products. They have witnessed what a mistake it is to ignore their past progress and simply focus on what is next. While it is important to spend a great deal of time working towards advancement, especially in a market that is rising. However, it is very difficult to ignore what brought about all of these changes and what has been working (Kerin, Hartley & Rudelius, 2013). Another challenge that they may face includes economic changes. Since, Prince Sports markets their product internationally, they need to pay attention to the economies of all the countries they distribute to. Significant changes in an economy can greatly change their customer base and needs resulting in new marketing tactics having to be put in place (Benoit & Gleason, 2012). Prince Sports can stay ahead of the changes they possibly face if they keep in mind when Linda Glassel said “It’s learning, it’s studying, it’s talking to people who understand where the market is going” (Pg. 241). In order to stay ahead and take on any challenges that come their way, they need to employ research methods that can help them solve their problems and come up with new ideas for marketing their products. Besides using the Five-Step marketing approach, there are specific aspects they should pay close attention to. As a part of step three, they need to collect data, both primary and
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