Prince Suicide

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Did prince committed suicide because he had aids? Alijah mason

On April 21, 2016 Prince Rogers Nelson aka music popstar prince was found unconscious in his million dollar home. When police were called to the scene he was pronounced dead. There are more who believed he had been diagnosed HIV/AIDS and was tired of hiding for pleasing his fans and for his life. One theory is Prince committed suicide because he had AIDs. Prince was diagnosed with full blown aids. ``AIDS weakened prince enough for the flu or the zika virus to kill him, or get back on drugs knowing he was dying anyways” ( The rumors is popping up, thanks to National Enquirer. A publication known for blowing things out of proportion just flat out making
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The national enquirer already revealed some of the most bizarre secrets of prince secret world. Prince ex-lovers says `` But even though prince embraced his faith as a Jehovah’s Witness” ( He also built a wild reputation as a sex crazed rock-star! One of the sources say one of his ex-lovers had died of…show more content…
``Authorities probably know much more they are willing to discuss public as they seek the source of the fentanyl and consider criminal charges” ( Is a note that prince’s body had scars on the left side of his hip, and lower right leg. ``Reporters doesn’t say, but it’s possible the scars were evidence of past surgeries for joint pain” ( At least one friend has said suffered years of hip and knee pain from his athletic stage of performance. Fit description of chronic pain patient who got hooked on opioids, said Andrew kolodny director of physicians for responsible opioids prescribing. Opioids lead to tolerance and some patients seek out stronger drugs after initial dosages stop
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