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4-3 Scenario: Prince Sports. A Study on How Marketing Activities and Targeted Marketing can be used to the Benefit of a Company. AJ MKT-113-X2738 Introduction to Marketing 14EW2 Professor Traci Anderson In recent years there has been a dramatic growth in tennis participation in the United States. This growth has led to a larger market for the tennis industry to promote their products to and increasing research into how to appropriately market said products so that they can reach the maximum audience. With the increase in tennis participation, industry leaders like Prince Sports have used targeted marketing to address the needs of separate portions of the prospective market. As well as utilizing technological innovations and…show more content…
As well as encouraging more people to play tennis this strategy would provide Prince Sports with positive publicity that could be used to promote an outreach program where the company works to bring tennis into communities that haven't traditionally been a part of the sport. As Prince Sports targets many groups differently this outreach program could then be used to implement programs directed at junior players as well as the casual/recreational player. Prince Sports could engage younger players by implementing a program where they offered free lessons on how to play tennis and donated supplies to schools and clubs. Young kids like to do things that will keep them active, but often change their minds about what interests them. They are not the determining factor in whether or not they will be able to join a new activity; their parents are the ones who will end up deciding if they can become involved in a new sport. So it is the parents who need to be convinced that their child will remain interested in the sport for longer than a couple of weeks. By providing free lessons to young players their parents will have the opportunity to gauge whether or not their child actually enjoys playing and if they’ll stay with the sport before investing a lot of money in supplies and lessons. Students

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