Princely Jets (Pvt.) Ltd. the Air Ambulance Written Analysis of a Case

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Princely Jets (Pvt.) Ltd. – The Air Ambulance | Written Analysis of a Case | Mariam Soomro, Sharmain Malik, Syed Zainul Islam & Farooq Tirmizi |

This paper will be referring to the case study “Princely Jets (Pvt.) Ltd. – The Air Ambulance”. It will discuss at length the issues brought out in the case which concern the new Air Ambulance service that Akbar Group of Companies is planning to launch. This paper asserts that Akbar Group should go ahead with the launch of the new service at the proposed price US$ 750 monthly membership and an hourly rate of usage of US$2500. The paper will attempt to justify the pricing strategy and discuss the mix of promotion tools that they should make use of.
The Akbar
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In the Karachi region they planned to provide their services within a radius of 125 nautical miles (225 land miles). The justification behind this radius was that they wanted to transport the patient to the nearest medical facility within a maximum of 90 minutes.
They planned to offer air ambulance services with two fully equipment helicopters with multiple seating and at least two patient beds. They would have on board a fully trained paramedic team including a doctor, state-of-the-art medical equipment, life saving and emergency medicines, oxygen and blood transfusion capabilities. The air ambulance aimed to offer a smooth transition of the patient from the helicopter to the emergency room.
Financially Viability

As seen from the expected revenue above, after the first year this project will generate a profit stream which will make this a viable project. The Air Ambulance project is suitable for a country like Pakistan where one sees in Exhibit 9A and Exhibit 9B that there is a high requirement for such services. To support this one should also look at Exhibit 12 to see the number of people that are in need of such services and have no other alternative.
The two pronged strategy that is being offered by Mr. Ghouse is feasible since targeted market segment pays little importance to prices. They consider the value of the services. Therefore, as they are willing to pay these prices

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