Princess Diana

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Each morning I stuck my key into a small gold key hole into the back entrance of her residence. The residence was absolutely stunning. There were flowers with the most exquisite scent. The landscaping was ridiculous, it was sheer perfection. The grass was always trimmed to perfection as well. There was never a weed in between the cracks of the cement. The palace was extravagant. The whole palace was made of the finest materials, it was beautiful. The roof was even made of gold. Despite the royal family’s golden exterior with love for one another and their children, I saw the real Prince and Princess of Wales. I often had time to talk to Princess Diana, although she preferred when I called her Di ( Tompson 1). While Diana’s life was cut too…show more content…
When Diana told me about her childhood pranks I honestly was not surprised. When we were going to a London Galla Diana told me that one time her siblings put two frogs they found in the yard inside of Raine’s pillow case. I could just imagine Di pulling off such a prank. Diana had so many magnificent memories that I just adored listening to. She often spoke of the days when she was a kindergarten teacher (Britanica Biographies). She reminisced about how much she loved children and how she felt so proud to see the joy in their faces when they learned something new. I never imagined her opening up so much, she would call me, “Oh Anne! I must tell you a story!” It was one of the best experiences of my life working for her. One thing that we always talked about was her marriage. She married Prince Charles in St. Paul's Cathedral which was broadcast on television. We could not believe how many people watched (Britanica Biographies). There were over 750 million viewers (Baderscher). It was astounding! She often spoke of her jealousy towards Camilla, Charles childhood friend (Morton 38). Even before they were married Camilla and Charles always had something there. Di told me once that she overheard him on the phone with Camilla saying that he loved her (Morton 39). I always wondered why he married her. I never told her but it seemed as if he never

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