Princess Diana Spencer

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Princess Diana Spencer As I relax on a Sunday evening, breathe in fresh air before I enter my chamber, I catch a glimpse of something magically beautiful. With a long silk blue dress and a pearl-diamond tiara on her golden hair, the Lady, the Princess, the beauty of the world walks down the steps to the cheering crowds. She gives hope to her people when there is none. Sitting here, I feel her warm smile full of love and joy. This is my Diana, the light of this world! Diana’s childhood was full of wealth but lacked the happiness of a bonded family. Diana was born on a warm first day of July 1961. Diana lived in a very large house that had many facilities where she spent time with her siblings and Prince Andrew and Edward. Diana and her…show more content…
Diana’s role is to perform the ceremonial and official duties of the Head of State, including representing Britain to the rest of the world. She holds speeches about England in the places she visits during her period as a Princess. Next, Diana must provide a focus of the United Kingdom. Princess of Wales supports her citizens in time of celebration or tragedy. It is as if she is closer or more united with her people. Princess of Wales also has the role in providing a sense of stability and continuity in times of social or political change. By this, I mean that when times are changing rapidly in the nation even in a good way she still keeps the framework of her nation. Diana Spencer is able to recognize success and achievement in a personal way. These include honors, awards, visits, patronage, and sponsorship. The Princess honors individuals for public service or outstanding achievement. In addition, she might invite certain people to parties as a thank you for their service to their community. Sometimes, the Princess of Wales gives gifts or personal greetings/congratulations for 100th birthdays or wedding anniversaries. The Princess also supports service to others, through close relationships with the voluntary and charitable sector. She encourages others to participate in service for community and environment around you. Diana’s royal duty, however, was cut short because her

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