Princess Mizu Research Paper

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There is a legend, so old and forgotten that almost no one knows the lines. Generations of my family have passed it down in hopes to keep it alive. Today I shall tell this tale to you: The Tragedy of Princess Mizu, The Water Princess. Way back into the old times of Japan-a child was being born. It wasn't at all like any birth you would see today, oh no. This was the birth of Princess Mizu. Daughter of Queen Amaterasu and Hachiman-deities of the Sun and War. Sole heir to the Kingdom of the Japanese Deities. And in the future, the one who was to bring water upon the world. All of the other deities were all rather curious of what was to happen-making the air very thick since there were never times where they were all together…show more content…
Princess Mizu was the most beautiful creature to have ever graced the planet, for she was to represent all the water in the world. There have been many different descriptions of her. Some said that she was a rich dark to represent all the secrets that the ocean kept. Others say that she was ice-cold, showing the form of ice. Although one thing was for certain: her eyes. They were the ocean. All shades of blue that when angry churned and slashed, but when calm they were as still as…show more content…
His name was Joji and the very first time Mizu saw him, she knew that he was the one. But alas she would never be able to have him-but she was bound to stay hopeful. Every morning and night when everyone was away in the sleeping chambers, Mizu would watch him from the edge of the kingdom. How he would haul all of the food for one cattle that his dying family would own. Oh how she wished she could go down there and save him from his terrible faith. One evening, Hachiman had woken up early. He had heard rumors about how his servants would be stealing some food so he decided to see for himself. But when he glanced out from a high window he saw his daughter, leaning over the edge. Confused he crept down a little ways far and looked down for himself. His eyes immediately turned into flames as he saw the young man that Mizu fancied. Anger bubbled over as Hachiman yelled at his daughter for loving such a useless creature. Yelling back she confessed her feeling for the young farmer and begged for her father to spare him, falling onto her knees. Her fists gripped the ground and they were white as she awaited his answer, her shoulders tense. A wind rushed past as the King of the Deities exploded onto the ground, rage burning in his eyes. If his daughter were to marry it would be to a man who could fight, not farm. A cry filled the air as Mizu flew after him, desperation surrounding her
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