Princess Nazly Mostafa Bahgat Fadel

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Princess Nazly Mostafa Bahgat Fadel was the granddaughter of Mohamed Ali Pasha, the founder of the Egyptian monarchy, and one of the most important figures of the family. Born in the late 19th Century, Fadel grew up between Europe and modern-day Turkey where she was able to get an education that combines western modernity and eastern traditions. In 1877, her husband Khalil Pasha Sherif was appointed as the Ottoman Ambassador to France. During this time, Nazly Fadel began to interact with the French elite society by reading as well as reaching out to other members of the society. At the time, literary salons were popular in France and grouped the most distinguished thinkers, philosophers and politicians. While attending such salons, the Princess acknowledged the vital role they play in the cultural development of the society. On her return back to Egypt, Princess Fadel was a cultured lady that spoke six different languages and was able to talk on equal terms with men on a variety of subjects and discuss all areas of knowledge. Hence, it was natural for such a women of intellect, culture and intelligence to simulate what she had experienced in Paris, and so she held the first cultural salon in the history of modern Egypt at her palace in the heart of Cairo. At the palace, the princess attracted the top intellectuals of the Egyptian society such as Gamal Eldin Al Afghani, Mohamed Abdou, Saad Zaghloul, Qassim Amin and many others. The salon also included her British friends such

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