Essay on Principal Education

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Section 1: Introduction to the Study Introduction Student learning and ways to involve them and their parents more in their learning has remained a challenge for educators. An exploration for increasing student learning and accountability has led educators to include students in the conference process. A way of including students in their academic performance and allowing them an opportunity to directly assess their classroom work has brought about a change from traditional parent-teacher conferences to student-led conferences (Borba and Olvera, 2001). As Borba and Olvera (2001) stated, “student-led conferences motivate students to think about and act on personal initiatives to improve learning” (p. 333). Borba and Olvera (2001)…show more content…
1) Are there ELLs at the research site, too?. Rural communities are less likely to have public transportation which adversely affects travel to after school programs (Collins, Bronte-Tinkew, & Logan, 2008) Is this a problem at the local research site?. Because of lack of resources and financial means, it would be expected that parents of low socioeconomic status living in rural communities would be less likely to attend school activities, including parent teacher conferences Is this the case at the research site?. Friedman (2004) reported 40% of families living in rural communities have no access to public transportation Redudant. These families do not have vehicles nor do they have the funds to purchase vehicles and often do not possess a driver’s license Is this true at the local research site?. Their inability to such access limits their abilities to attend school activities or meet with teachers. Please remember, Tammy, that the introduction should focus on a local problem. Bouffard and Stephen (2007) argue, “To be successful in school and in life, adolescents need trusting and caring relationships with supportive adults” (p. 3). Bouffard and Stephens (2007) reported that research indicates family involvement at the middle school level results in not only in positive academic outcome but social ones as well. How does this paragraph relate
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