Principal Of School Is An Awesome Leader

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Principal Report The principal is the leader of the school. The principal provides a safety environment for students, faculty and community. The principal responsibility is to make sure the school is running good and everybody is doing their job, and the students are learning. Based on my interview sheet question I interview the principal at Tenth and Penn elementary school, the principal of that school is an awesome leader. A principal has a huge responsibility day by day. Being responsible for 565 students and 45 faculty and staff every day is a hard work. They are a different type of principal like elementary, middle and high school that start working as a teacher first. A principal holds a certificate in different areas like an Elementary, ESL, and principal as well. They have a positive aspect when they have the chance to talk to students and ask them how they do today and what need activity they learn, that make the principal to engage more with the students to have a positive goal in their education success. A principal is responsible for management the entire building, instruction and curriculum, discipline and behavior, and budget. A principal philosophy is simple and clear students first, they work hard to give a student the best education experience they can and guide them to achieve a successful academic goal. The principal is in charge of hiring process, the principal always ask them THE REASON THEY ARE HERE to new teachers. A principal need to make sure that
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