Principal-Teacher Ratings

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During our pre observation conference, we discussed the performance of your class in based on literacy assessment. The assessment data reflected that most of your students know the letter names and some of the letter sounds. You also shared with me that the majority of students were to some extent familiarized with the reading strategies. We set expectations for the formal observation during the literacy bundle. We discussed the learning activities and small group instruction planned for the visit. On December 4th, I walked into your class to conduct the formal observation. Your class was sitting on the meeting area as you explained to them, “Today we are going to combine the two strategies. One is to observe the picture…show more content…
They were using the academic vocabulary to practice the beginning sounds. Words cards were available with visuals to scaffold the letter/sound identification. After, you practice with them, students were asked to continue reading the text and practicing the strategies of observing the picture and making the first sound. Natalia and Isai worked together to identify the sounds using the alphabet chart provided. Shortly after, you began to assess students by asking various questions. You asked, “What word did you find? Can you read it for me? What strategy did you use?” As you moved around the groups, you used the assessment for learning checklist to collect evidence of their performance. In conclusion, you invited students to share how they use the strategy learned and practiced during the lesson. Maria read the word balloon because she looked at the picture and matched the sound. To summarize the lesson you shared with the students that good readers observe pictures and sounds the first letter of the words. During our post observation, I commend you for the following instructional practices that were evident in your classroom: 1. Effective lesson planning was evident. It included learning scaffolds, questions and many other components of thoughtful planning. 2. Explicit instruction provided during the lesson and small group instruction to model the expected learning outcome. It was clear and purposely presented
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