Principle 3 : Provide Multiple Means Of Engagement

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PRINCIPLE 3: Provide multiple means of engagement

An important part of the UDL framework is engaging and motivating students to learn. It is essential to provide students with options and supports in order to promote learner motivation and active engagement in learning. Planning lessons through a UDL framework means engaging students by tapping into their interests, challenging them appropriately, and motivating them to learn. Students are only able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills if they are engaged and motivated. Students should be given opportunities to make choices about the ways they engage in content and be prompted by teacher feedback in order to maintain student interest and motivation.

Some useful strategies to engage student engagement are:
• Fostering student autonomy and responsibility for learning by allowing student input during the planning stages of class activities and assessment tasks
• Setting up achievable personal goals
• Personalising content by making it culturally and socially relevant for students
• Designing activities with real-life outcomes such as drama performances
• Utilising activities that foster active participation,
• Encouraging students to conduct personal responses, evaluations and self-reflection on their work
• Minimising distractions through routines whilst also providing breaks and varying the pace of work
• Fostering collaboration by creating cooperative learning groups where each member has goals, roles and
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