Principle Of Interpersonal Communication

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Cognitive Area 1. One principle of interpersonal communication is “we cannot not communicate”. This states that even when we do not verbally communicate we are still communicating using body language, facial expressions, and in the way you present yourself through clothing, hairstyles, etcetera. I have experienced this on various occasions such as in junior high when there was a specific substitute teacher I was not fond of. I never said anything rude to him, never told him out right I didn’t like him, but he was aware of my dislike for him. He would point me out for anything I did wrong, would purposely not choose me when I raised my hand, and always appeared hostile towards me. We had a mutual distaste for each other and it was never communicated straightforwardly. Another principle would be, “communication is intentional and unintentional”, I unintentionally give the impression of being unapproachable. When I am in larger crowds of strangers i’m less outgoing and more introverted. I was once at a party with one of my close friends. There were a lot of large crowds of people I had seen at school while others I had never seen in my life. I was very uncomfortable and silently followed my friend around for most of the night, too shy to converse with the people around me. I didn’t mean to come off as cold, I did want to socialize, I just needed someone to initiate the conversation first. Sometime after that night I was told by my friend that an acquaintance of mine had told
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