Principle & Practice of Management - Case Studies

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Case Study 1 International case: Carrefour – which way to Go? Q – 1) How should Mr. Durant assess the opportunities in various countries around the world? Ans To become a global firm, ideally, company should be taking gains of R&D, production, marketing and financial advantages in its costs and reputation that are not available purely to domestic competitors. It minimizes importance of national boundaries and develops “transitional” brands. It raises capital, obtains materials and components, and manufactures and markets its goods wherever it can do the best job. To access opportunities around the world, Mr. Durant should answer some basic questions like (1) What market position should we try to establish in our country, in…show more content…
International Case: Reengineering the business process at Procter & Gamble Q-1) The reengineering efforts focused on the business process system. Do you think other processes? Such as the human system or other managerial policies need to be considered in a process redesign? Business Process Redesign/Reengineering can be defined as "the analysis and design of workflow and processes within and between organizations" BPR has three key target categories: Customer Friendly: One of the main goals of introducing BPR is to get a competitive edge and that can only be gained by providing the customers more than what the others in the market are asking for. Effectiveness: How effective is the product or service that the business or manufacturing company providing the customer? If whatever product or service the business might be providing to the customer is successful, then the customers would automatically want to buy that product or service again. Efficiency: How efficient is the company that is manufacturing the product before introducing it to the market to minimize costs? This is one of the key categories that is believed to be more important than any others. If a manufacturing company can master the skill of being efficient then they can automatically be more customers friendly and effective. Efficiency is not just about being efficient at the
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