Principle Summary Of A Psychodynamic Approach

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Principle Summary
The principle of order explains that if there is an action then there will either be a reaction or consequence based on the results that we are expecting. In order to get effective outcomes when working with families, children, and individuals I would have to consistently seek information to ensure that I was giving them correct strategies and techniques to improve their family structure. The principle of empathy expresses the need to understand certain situations form other’s perspectives in order to understand their reactions, emotions, and behaviors. This act will ensure that I am actually understanding the reason behind the behavior based on the client/person instead of in my own opinion.
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Goals are important to self-growth because it allows a person to take their decisions and paths into consideration. Choosing the way to complete a goal is important because there has to be meticulous planning and cautious steps take in order to successfully obtain skills or goals. The principle of goodness discusses the use of compassion and perspective taking. When a person focuses on goodness, connection, and growth they show others how to do the same when addressing others. The ability to show compassion can help family members make cooperative efforts when discussing …show more content…

The importance of taking different situations into context as a professional yet being open to change as an individual is very refreshing because that shows that professionals are human as well. Working with cases that are difficult to hear are more likely to be the most difficult times as a FLE worker because I think the division between being professional and personal can be invisible at times. If these principles are present in my field of work then this can help to make sure that I take these things into context before attempting to help others.
Personal Biases
Personal biases that I am aware that I have are towards are towards privileges of others of different races. This is a big hindrance for me because I understand that many people don’t get the opportunity to live up to their expectations but I still refer to facts about the rewards and lack of punishment that are given to them. The most challenging individuals for me to work with would be sex offenders. In my opinion they can be rehabilitated but the act in general would make it difficult for me to effectively discuss their issues and the reasoning behind meeting with them.

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