Principle of Marketing

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Principles of Marketing
Promotion: Overview and Personal Selling

Promotion Mix
Personal Selling Advertising Publicity Sales Promotion

Elements in the Communication Process (Fig. 14.2)

Promotion Strategy
Strategic Objectives Appropriate Tasks Budget Implementation Evaluation and Control

Strategic Issues
Integration Relationships Goals: Information, Persuasion, Reminder Consumer Considerations: AIETA Model Target

Integrated Marketing Communications (Fig. 14.1)
Advertising Personal selling

Sales promotion Public relations

Direct marketing

A View of the Communications Process
Marketers View Communications as the Management of the Customer Relationship Over Time Through the Following Stages:
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Simple Low fixed costs Less control High variable costs

Designing Sales Force Strategy and Structure

Sales Force Size productive and expensive assets shrinking in size workload approach

Sales force size
Increases with

Decreases with

Training Salespeople
The Average Sales Training Program lasts for Four Months and Has the Following Goals: Help Salespeople Know & Identify With the Company Learn About the Products Learn About Competitors’ and Customers’ Characteristics Learn How to Make Effective Presentations Understand Field Procedures and Responsibilities

Compensating Salespeople
To Attract Salespeople, a Company Must Have an To Attract Salespeople, a Company Must Have an Attractive Plan Made Up of Several Elements Attractive Plan Made Up of Several Elements

Fixed Fixed Amount Amount
Usually a Usually a Salary Salary

Variable Variable Amount Amount
Usually Usually Commissions Commissions Or Bonuses Or Bonuses

Expense Expense Allowance Allowance
For Job For Job Related Related Expenses Expenses

Supervising Salespeople
Directing Salespeople Directing Salespeople
•• Identify Customer Targets & Identify Customer Targets & Call Norms Call Norms •• Develop Prospect Target Develop Prospect Target •• Use Sales Time Efficiently Use Sales Time Efficiently Annual Call Plan Annual Call Plan Time-and-Duty Analysis Time-and-Duty Analysis

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