Essay on Principles And Function Of Management

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Out line:

This assessment will look at the Principles and Functions of Management. Which mentions there is a difference between what a manager should do and what they actually do? According to many writers observation. Subsequently, I will comment by usage of my own knowledge of management theories and concepts. Further more, it is based on an experience and press stuffs. Due to main discussions, my assessment can be divided into following paragraph:

I. Introduction In this order I will define:
- What is a manager?
- Why do we need the management?
- Theories management: X and Y
- Levels of management

II. Presentation
In this case I am going to explain:
- What a management should do?
- What they actually do?
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The staff are required to performance the tasks given by the managers. Due to Pearce and Robinson statement that manager is: The process of optimizing human, material, and financial contributions for the achievement of organizational goals.

In any organizations, the managers are distinguished by their functions and their level of responsibility. Therefore, depicting in a pyramid can be clearly shown operational, junior, middle and senior managers in ascending order of quantity. The junior managers are close to operational level such as foreman, team leader, coordinator of whom role is to co-ordinate the work of non-managerial employees and to have direct responsibility for machinery and materials. Next, the middle managers are usually accountable for the work of junior managers and they in turn report to senior management and they have limits to their responsibilities. Continued, the senior managers are executives, at the highest level of organization responsible for its overall direction and coordination and for directing its major activities. They are responsible for controlling, directing, planning, organizing and for providing strategic leadership to the company, also, for the failure or the success of the organization. The potential for managerial leadership in terms of two opposite sets of assumptions taken shape by Douglas McGregor (1960) is known as Theory X and Theory Y. First of all, Theory X managers who described to be lazy,
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