Principles And Practice Of Joint And Soft Tissue Injection

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Course: Principles and Practice of Joint and Soft Tissue Injection
Topic: A portfolio containing evidence of critical thinking and appraisal related to injection therapy

Injection therapeutic therapy is found to be effective for pain relief and addressing inflammation. The main purpose is the administration of local anaesthetic agents for pain relief and delivery of corticosteroids to minimize inflammation. (Cardone & Tallia, 2002). Injection therapy administration has excellent results to manage a number of conditions, including frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and arthritis in joint. Injections, when administered directly on soft tissues or joint or soft tissues provide a quick and effective
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I was also explained that this intervention will help me in achieving short term goals i.e. pain management and strengthening of service provider and service user relationship.

I made up my mind and searched for accredited injection therapy course and found one on Keele university website and later enrolled in to this course. This module provided me an opportunity to engage myself in interactive learning for injection therapy from different of experts, evidence and research relating to competence in the beneficial role of injection therapy, role of injection therapy that meets the standards of professional bodies like CSP and HCPC, improved my knowledge of anatomy, pathology and pharmacology to a detailed and specialist level in relation to the use of injections. At the same-time, it enabled me to investigate the safety, ethical and legal issues associated with the use of injection treatment. On completion of this injection therapy course, I feel myself more confident as:

1. It has cleared me theory and practice of peripheral intra- and periarticular injection therapy and more insight of the different drugs used for injections.
2. More insight to use injection therapy as an intervention or as a part to other forms of treatment.
3. Able to justify and provide appropriate clinical reasoning when considering the use of injection.
4. Feel myself competent in
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