Principles And Standards Of The Code Of Conduct

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It is critically important for nurses to complete professional development in their nursing practice as nursing is one of the professions that professionalism is the utmost importance. The Nursing Council of New Zealand sets the standards of behaviour to ensure that all health practitioners are competent in practicing their profession (Nursing Council of New Zealand [NCNZ], 2012a). This essay will describe several principles, and standards of the Code of Conduct and illustrate how these principles and standards embody in nursing practice. It begins with a summary of an interaction between the nurse and the patient, followed by explanation of structure, purpose and significance of the Code of Conduct. Then, four principles of the Code of Conduct, which are used to evaluate the interaction, will also be described. At the last part, the essay will discuss a reflection on the key aspects of professional nursing and evaluation of the interaction. 1. A brief summary of an interaction The interaction happened in a rest home, one afternoon in December. One registered nurse, one student nurse and a newly admitted patient were in a quiet, private room at the time of the interaction. The…show more content…
It consists of eight principles which include professional, ethical, legal and cultural safety responsibilities. Those principles are used to guide nurses in their professional behaviours, as well as show the public what they can expect from a nurse. It requires nurses to support health consumers in respect, trust, partnership and integrity based on this code in their professional practice, so as to maintain and promote public safety. In addition, the Code can be a yardstick to restrict nurse’s conduct. Nurses who failure to uphold these standards may initiate a disciplinary
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