Principles Of Art : Claude Monet

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In 2-3 paragraphs or so typed and edited, analyze this work by ______? 1. Who is this artist? What ideas or themes are conveyed in his work? The artwork displayed above was created by the “father of French-Impressionist painting” Claude Monet. Monet was one of the most influential landscape painters in the history of art. He tirelessly painted the same series of works, only with minor changes related to the amount of light and the type of weather. In terms of themes, Monet would paint outdoor scenes while bearing in mind the effects of atmosphere, time of day, and season upon color and light. For many of his works, a person will find that Monet experiments with the color spectrum, demonstrating how the shades of the same color affect…show more content…
Beginning at the top, the reflection of light on the haystack slowly transforms from a frosty blue color to a flaming red color. Another element of design found in this piece is texture. Texture refers to the lightness and smoothness of a surface in a work of art. Monet builds up texture through his brushstrokes, which vary from thick to thin. I believe the grass and haystacks in the field provide the viewer with a sense of texture because the artist repeatedly makes overlapping brushstrokes on top of a solid color. 2. Does this piece relate to time, if so how? I do not believe this painting relates to time because rural landscapes do not necessarily reflect the time a person is living in. If you were to incorrectly inform a person this painting was created during the 1970’s, they would not disagree because rural landscapes remain unchanged. 3. What were the major ideas that we discussed regarding this work in the classroom? Give some background information on the artist, as well as the movement of art. In your own words. There were many ideas that we discussed regarding this work in the classroom. To start with, it has been affirmed that French artist Claude Monet was the “father of the impressionism” during his time as a painter. Claude Monet was a 19th-century impressionist artist who was widely known for his lively painting technique and use of color. We also discussed how Claude Monet used
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