Principles Of Business: Production - Establishing a Business

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Name of Candidate: Samantha Simon

Topic: Establishing a Business: Production
Name of Business: Otaku Café
School: Antigua Girls’ High School
Date: 15th March, 2014

Table of Content
Page 3 - Acknowledgement
Page 4 - Introduction
Page 5 - Description of the Business Justification of Location Selection of Appropriate Labour
Page 6 - Source of Fixed and Working Capital Roles of the Sole Trader
Page 7 - Types of Production Level of Production Quality Control Measure Uses of Technology
Page 8 - Linkages Potential for Growth Government Regulations
Page 9 - Ethical Issues
Page 10 - Bibliography

The successful completion of this SBA would not have been
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Level of Production
Production in the business will be on a domestic level, only producing for the local market as it is a more plausible level of production and more fiscally sound.
Quality Control Measures
Quality control within the business will be maintained through the strict adherence to recipes set for products, the hiring of mostly skilled workers and regular quality checks so as to ensure output of only optimum products and services to the customers.
Use of technology
Technology used in the business
Point of Sales system
Accounting software (QuickBooks)

The business will be involved in linkages with wholesale suppliers or producers of coffee, tea and other such beverages as well as suppliers or producers of fruits or fruit jams such as local farmers, producers of flour, dairy products and other suck materials needed to produce the goods of the cafe, to create an economic flow locally and to increase possible output and profit.
Potential for Growth
Growth within the business will be expected and hopefully the business will have to eventually move to a larger location, purchase more equipment to keep up with product demand and if possible, maybe even open other branches
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