Principles Of Change Management And Organizational Leadership

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Business organization faces major changes in their operations environment, from new technologies, applications and processing. With successful changes, interaction and participation from the people that remains involved in the change, called change management. Change management is, therefore, a very broad field, and approaches to managing change, vary widely, from organization to organization and from project to project. Although, change management focuses on the people, whereas, it ensures that changes are thorough, smooth and implemented. There are three articles that I came across that was very enlightening on change management and organizational Leadership. 10 Principles of Change Management The first article, “10 Principles of Management” explains ten important steps to help improve the changes in management. First and foremost, large enterprises focus on developing the best strategic and tactical plans. To succeed with developing strategic and tactical planning, executives must understand that company’s culture, values, people and behaviors receive a positive result. However, this article mentions 10 tools and techniques for change management that can assist in solve a variety of situations. The top 10 will help executives understand what to expect, how to manage their own personal change, and how to engage the entire organization in the process (Jones & Aguirre, 2004). Addressing the “human side” systematically. As a new leader, jobs changes will occur, new skills
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