Principles Of Code Of Ethics In Public Health Nursing

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7.1 Introduction
This concept is taken from Block 9, Module 8 which is entitled as “Issues in Public Health (Ethics in Public Health)”. Ethics means distinguishing right from wrong or acceptable behavior from unacceptable behavior. The free dictionary defined ethical code as a system of principles governing mortality and acceptable conduct. Nursing code of ethics forms a base for nursing profession and guides their practices. Public health nursing encompasses the promotion of health, prevention of diseases and control of diseases which affect individuals, families
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The nurse should add the patient’s title. The nurse must also respect the patients’ cultural, social and religious belief in other to avoid bias in the management.
• Ensure Confidentiality- The nurse must keep all patients’ data private.
• Informed Consent- Before a nurse should carry out any procedure on a patient, she must inform the patient about the procedure, the reason for the procedure and how the procedure will be done. This is to obtain the consent from the patient before the procedure is carried out.
• Honesty- The nurse must be honest with the patients so that she can gain her trust. Being honest creates an atmosphere for good rapport with the patients.
• Autonomy
• Must be committed to work
The American Association Nursing code of ethics for nurses (2000) serves the following purpose;
• It is a succinct statement of the ethical obligations and duties of every individual who enters the nursing profession.
• It is the profession’s non-negotiable ethical standard
• It is an expression of nursing’s own understanding of its commitment to society.
Other purposes include;
• To enable nurses overcome ethical issues that occurs in their nursing

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