Principles Of Exercise And Sport Science

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HSE101 Principles of Exercise & Sport Science Practical Assignment – Submaximal Exercise Testing¬ Name: Renee Deverall Student Number: 215067741 1. Write a short paragraph that defines VO2max, explains what it measures and describes some of the most important ways that it can be used in health and sport. VO2max can be defined as the maximum oxygen uptake. This entails the maximum rate at which oxygen is readily available in the body to be taken up and used during aerobic exercise. (Fletcher et al.) It is a very important and commonly used indicator of a person or athletes level of cardiovascular fitness. A high VO2max demonstrates a high level of aerobic fitness, where as a low VO2max indicates a low rate of aerobic fitness. There are two factors that are important in determining a persons VO2max, which are the hearts ability to deliver oxygen to the muscles and the muscles ability to extract the oxygen from the blood and use it (Brown, Miller and Eason). This means that when a person has a high VO2max their body is able to deliver oxygen through the blood efficiently to the muscles in order to maintain high levels of aerobic exercise over an extended period of time. VO2max is a valued measurement of cardiovascular fitness in the Sport industry due to its ability to indicate cardiovascular fitness, as well as the pulmonary and muscular systems efficiency throughout the duration of the exercise (Brown, Miller and Eason). There are multiple tests that can measure VO2max
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