Principles Of Management Final Project

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Principles of Management Final Project – A Closer Look at Express-Scripts Express-Scripts is a widely renowned company who grew from a small-town pharmacy into the billion dollar company it is today. Many factors attribute to the growth and success of Express-Scripts and any who take a closer look into how this company came to be soon realize that it has only been through the process of hard-work, dedication, strategic planning and finding just the right niche in the marketplace. Express-Scripts leads the industry in providing the right type of prescription care to both the consumers and employers by holding true to a set of core principles and values that allow it to distinguish itself and market their special brand of service.…show more content…
This means that the goal of the company is not to receive multiple contacts regarding the same issue for the same patient. This will ultimately help to expedite the process for the patient as well as the company being available to assist other patients or members. The patient will first reach the customer service employee to place their prescription order or ask questions regarding their benefit plan. At this level of service, the employee has received adequate training to understand and explain the benefit plan. The training time and expense that the company invests in at the beginning of the individual’s employment is where the result is now seen. By equipping the employee with the tools and proper service training, the output yielded is a happy and satisfied patient and/or member. An employee’s supervisor is then able to evaluate the level of service that the employee is producing by measuring against the pre-established quality metrics involving patient satisfaction, time in servicing their inquiry and resolving the customer’s issue. The Supervisor manages the employee interactions and is responsible for obtaining any additional training needed when gaps or opportunities are demonstrated in the team metrics and is required to reach out to the appropriate department to schedule the up-training. The Supervisor at this point will
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