Principles Of Materials And Task Design

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Sevilay Asilkent

Principles of Materials and Task Design

In the field of language learning, course books and materials play a crucial role in order to teach effectively. We as teachers need course books or any kind of materials in order to teach the components of the language to the students. It is quite impossible to teach without any materials because there should be something for students to read or to see in order to understand something. Therefore, teaching materials are really significant in language learning. Teachers sometimes purchase their own course book or the government gives to them. Teachers can find whatever they need to teach in these course books however sometimes they can look for additional materials to support the learning. Before choosing the materials, teachers need to evaluate them in order to get an effective material. There is no best course book which can suit to the all contexts because the needs of the students and teachers might differ. So, teachers need to evaluate their own course book according to their context. There might be many contexts such as; teaching English to adults in order to develop their speaking skills or teaching English to young learners. Because of that, evaluators must be aware of different contexts and evaluate according to them. Cunningsworth (1979:31) agrees: “Course materials are not intrinsically good or bad – rather…
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