Principles Of Risk Management And Insurance By George E Rejda

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Principles of Risk Management and Insurance by George E Rejda
The book divided into 5 sections grouping 27 chapters. The sections consists of Basic concepts, Private Insurance industry, legal principles in risk and insurance, Life and health risks and Personal property and liability risks.
The first part of the book titled as Basic concepts consists of 4 chapters. The first chapter explained about the meaning of risk and distinguish among the different types of risks such as pure risk, speculations risk and enterprise risk. Pure risk includes Personal risks, property risk and liability risk precisely meant the risk that are associated with financial insecurity. In the end of the chapter the author discussed about the Methods of handling risk
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They have a research center and releases reports every quarter and yearly as well. Quarterly reports discus the current issues where as yearly reports discusses about the overall scenario of the world insurance. The yearly reports consists of executive summary of the insurance sector and overall performance of the sector happened in the previous year. The reports gives the analysis on the premium growth and penetration, density w.r.t to different continent and country wise for both life and non-life insurance.
The report does gives the details about the global economy and financial markets and how the feedback is there between them. It also gives the detailed reports about the life and non- life sector about the advanced, emerging and developing countries respectively. The report also consists of the methodology and data and major important is it consists of statistical appendix that really useful for many scholar and academicians. The statistical index consists data of the following order wise
• Premium volume by region and organization
• Total premium volume in local currency
• Total premium volume in

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