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SYD501- ASSIGNMENT ONE Principles of Systems Development – Luke Rowe Scenario Great Education Books is a local Nelson business which sells textbooks and other educational books to students attending local secondary schools and tertiary institutions. They currently sell these items using a small shop in town but have decided to move to only an online presence to reduce the cost to students. They have decided that the total price per item including a delivery charge will be less than having a shop in town. Currently the business has an established accounting system to record sales and update inventory on hand. This existing accounting system will continue to be used and the new web store will need to ensure it provides information which will allow this existing system to be updated. The inventory portion of the accounting system contains data about individual stock items held including purchase and sale prices, item description, and quantity on hand. There is currently no system to show details about who buys items because all sales are based on cash (cash, cheque, credit card, and eftpos) transactions. The business requires you to develop a set of documents for the development of a website to meet their new needs. The business owners are leaving it to you to decide on the functions which they will need but they want the website to provide similar functionality to other online bookshops. After the documentation has been completed, a new group will complete

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