Principles Of The Football Bowl Association

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Shalah Newsome SPM 2000 Assignment 2: Business Principles Applied to Sport First Principle Area • The management principles are very important in the Football Bowl Association. Their main objective is the following; “The 41 bowl games aim to create a unique experience for the fans that travel and show support beyond the regular season games.”(FBA) The Football Bowl Association strives through the fans they gain from various college football games. They have to plan and organize 41 bowl games that will take place are the United States of America. This involves reserving the field, hotels, prizes, and events. For each bowl game the players are also given a chance to give back their own time to communities around the city they will play in, this usually involves visiting hospitals or helping out at food banks. (FBA) The all has to be planned and organized with specific detail and dealing with weather and transportation for a large number of teammates. When the events are being planned the manager in charge is required to be able to lead making sure everything is going according to schedule, as well as having good communication skills to make sure nothing is left out. The manager in charge of these events has to have quick decision making skills in case an event falls through. Every single thing can be planned down to the smallest detail, but unfortunately everything cannot be controlled. Florida is one of the most bipolar states when dealing with weather and can literally

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