Principles Of The Prayer Of Silence

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For this assignment, I chose to abide by the five Buddhist precepts from Thursday, November 17 to Sunday, November 19. The vow of silence was incorporated for twenty four hours on November 16. However, I will explain my interpretations and my complete experience, including my challenges and discoveries. 1)Avoid harming all living beings was the first precept. I decided that my body, speech, and mind can cause harm and suffering specifically to human beings, animals and insects. I wanted to treat myself and all who surrounded me in a positive and equal manner. Although, for health reasons, I did consume meat once a day for supper, but still understood the harm and suffering inflicted upon those animals. 2)Avoid taking what is not given and was interpreted as not using someone’s time, effort, material objects, like food or gum without one’s permission. Therefore, the act of asking for all these elements was avoided by depending on myself for anything that I needed. 3)Avoid sexual or sensual misconduct, which in my mind also consists of using technology, social media, shopping, and consuming junk food, since they can gratify my senses and desires. I chose to close my phone for the duration of the seventy two hours. Although, the use of my laptop for work purposes was excluded from this precept since it was necessary to do my school work in order to not harm my grades for the duration of the seventy two hours. 4)Avoid false and harmful speech includes avoiding

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