Principles and Practices of Management

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Principles and Practices of Management

Assignment A
Marks 15
Answer all questions.

1. What were the Hawthorne studies? What effect did they have on the Management practices?

2. What steps can an organisation take to increase the motivational force for high levels of performance?

3. Explain briefly various Management Functions. What is the basis for saying that planning is the most crucial management function? Discuss.

4. Explain the MBO Process.

5. Elucidate the relationship between planning and control. Source:

Assignment B
Marks - 15
Answer all questions.

1. To whom do you think is performance appraisal more significant to the organization or to the individual? Justify.
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Give reasons.

Assignment C
(Objective Questions)

Tick Marks (√) the most appropriate answer.

Marks – 10
1. Decreasing the role of subordinates in decision-making is known as

(a) Decentralisation
(b) Stabilization
(c) Centralization
(d) Organization

2. Which of the following refers to the flow of information among people on the same or similar organizational levels? (a) Diagonal
(b) Upward
(c) Horizontal
(d) Downward

3. Which of the following is a question that needs to be answered in job analysis?

(a) What physical and mental tasks does the worker accomplish?
(b) What qualifications are needed to perform the job?
(c) When is the job to be completed?
(d) All of the above.

4. ________ refers to the ability of individuals or groups to induce or influence the beliefs or actions of other individuals or groups. (a) Power
(b) Responsibility
(c) Delegation
(d) Discipline

5. Which one management function helps maintain managerial effectiveness by establishing guidelines for future activities?

(a) Organizing
(b) Planning
(c) Staffing
(d) Leading

6. Which is not a leadership theory?

(a) Trait theory
(b) ERG theory
(c) Contingency theory
(d) Transactional theory

7. Which is an esteem need?

(a) Basic pay
(b) Safety regulations
(c) Prestigious office location
(d) Training

8. What interview is comprehensive, and the interviewer encourages the applicant to do much of the talking? (a) Unstructured
(b) Structured
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