Principles and Practices of Management

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Chapter 9: Human Resources and Diversity Assignment

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Activity 1

Directions: Answer the following discussion questions

Answers to Discussion Questions

1. Which selection criteria (personal interview, employment test, assessment center) do you think would be most valuable for predicting effective job performance for a manager in a record company? For one of your college professors? For a manager at a coffee shop such as Starbucks? Discuss.
For a manager of a record company I would give them an employment test. It is critical for the manager of a record company to be sufficient in the area that he is managing. He/she should be able to operate at all levels of the business to be able to oversee
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The Employee will be responsible to provide safeguards to protect all of the employer’s documents from disclosure and damages.

Compensation and benefits: Employees’ pay, leave, and travel will be based on the employee's primary business location. The Employee's time and attendance will be recorded as executing official tasks at the primary business location. Leave requests must be submitted to Employer two weeks in advance unless an emergency occurs and must be approved prior. Overtime will be properly compensated in accordance with all applicable laws.

Performance Measures: Supervisors will coordinate meetings to review any tasks as necessary. Performance will be measured on all normal benchmarks that are established from past performance.

Training: The employee will conduct on-line training assignments as well as a short time period of on the job training with an experienced CO-worker to get a feel for the position. Once the trainer feels the employee is capable of assuming his/her duties they will begin their telecommuting position. The Employee will be paid at their full rate during their OJT period.

Grounds for Dismissal: If the employee does not meet all the standards on their performance review this agreement will become void. The employee will either return to his/her work facility or will forfeit their position with their
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