Principles in Nursing Ethics

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MAN 503- Nursing Legal Issues, Ethical Concerns
And Trends in Practice

Principles in Nursing Ethics
- moral duty - Refers to a standard to examine and understand moral life. - Ethical theories, principles and codes of conduct serve as guides of human conduct provided by ethical systems. - Making choices that are best for the individual or society at certain times and in particular situations and then evaluating such choices and outcomes.
- Are specific ways of behavior or of accomplishing ethical practices
Professional Ethics - Is a branch of moral science concerned with the obligations that a member of
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- For Christians, these rules are founding the Ten Commandments. - Differences in religion, however, pose problems such as what to do when the decision would conflict with one’s religious beliefs.

C. Universal Principles of Biomedical Ethics - In the health care delivery, basic ethical principles assist the health professionals to determine right or wrong in regard to value issues involving the pursuit of health, alleviation of suffering, and assisting patients towards peaceful death. These are: Autonomy o It involves self- determination and freedom to choose and implement one’s decision, free form deceit, duress, constraint or coercion. o Informed consent ▪ Information provided by the patient and his family is within their level of understanding that they may evaluate the risks and other options open to them. ▪ This includes allowing the patient to refuse treatment if he so decides; ▪ Disclosure of his ailment, prognosis, mode of treatment, and maintaining confidentiality. ▪ The person making the decision must be deemed competent: he must have the intellectual capacity to make a rational decision, must be of legal age that the decision is of his own free will and he is not coerced or put under duress to do so. Veracity o To maximize the efficiency of the health care, the patient and the health care providers are bound to tell the
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