Principles of Assessment

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Throughout this assignment the essential underpinning principles of the nursing assessment process exploring what it is, why we do it and what factors influence the nursing process will be discussed. Also discussed in this paper will be the holistic aspects of the assessment process as well as an example of an assessment tool I used on a recent placement. I will explore the effectiveness of my assessment and highlight the disadvantages which I came across. Are the principles for assessment really the foundation of good practice? The nursing process is unique, as is the nurse - patient relationship (Holland et al 2003). The Roper et al (1996) model for nursing, offers a framework for nurses to be able to ensure that individuality is taken…show more content…
Roper (1980) makes it clear that nursing is concentrated on helping people to cope and adjust with problems. The ongoing assessment of a patient can determine whether a patient 's dependence or independence is affected when carrying out activities. Alexander et al (2003) suggest that assessment should be used as a framework when in a practice setting. Wright (1990) agrees by stating that assessment is a helpful tool. When carrying out assessments the nurse needs to take a holistic approach which requires the nurse to look at the whole picture when assessing, taking into account, not only the patient 's problem but their overall lifestyle and how they will cope after they have been discharged home. Any approach to health care that emphasizes the patient 's total well-being, including psychological, social and spiritual as well as physical aspects is considered to be holistic (Yura et al 1998). There are many factors which influence the assessment process. Such factors include communication and environmental Mallet, et al (2000). All these factors can have an effect on the assessment process and may hinder the outcome of the patients care. Verbal and non verbal communication may effect the assessment process such as if a patient is deaf or has a speech impairment an important aspect may be missed, for example, if a nurse
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