Principles of Chester I. Barnard Henri Fayol Essay

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In this paper, I've decided to discuss the principles of Chester I. Barnard and the principles of Henri Fayol. Chester I. Barnard believed that there should be a cooperative system in the business world, and when it comes to a company, their management should follow a very important role: Effectiveness = Surplus of satisfaction = Efficiency of the employee. He also believed that a part of the executive responsibility is loyalty. Chester felt that executives serve two main functions: They should have a good level of communication between them and the employees and they should have the objectives of the organization and motivate the employees. As well as the above, Chester says that a manager should have authority over his employees.…show more content…
7. Remuneration ? payment and benefits are an important motivator yet Fayol says that There is no such thing as a perfect system. 8. Centralization ? describes the condition of the company and the quality of its employees. 9. Scalar chain ? needs a hierarchy, but should not consist of too many degrees. 10. Order ? A good material order and social order are important to save time ant too better utilize the staff. 11. Equity ? In order to achieve a better value for the company, it should treat the employees well. 12. Stability of tenure of personnel ? In order to keep the employees happy they should have some kind of security in there job and a long term in office. 13. Initiative ? The company should allow all employees to express their motivation. 14. Esprit de corps ? Allowing every employee toy show their feeling of pride. The differences between the principles of Chester and the principles of Fayol are that Chester is talking about the topic of problem solving which Fayol isn?t referring to at all but on the other hand, Fayol is mentioning many topics that Chester isn?t like the ability of one to improve his skills the experience. The similarities between the principles of Chester and the principles of Fayol are in fact quite a few. They both believe that a manager should have communication skills and organizational skills. They both in favor of the hierarchy system and strongly believe in
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