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Principles of Coaching A coach has many different ways to be described they are described as an involvement in the development of people and they work to help others get better at doing things. they are also described as someone who brings about a change in some aspect of someones life.

' A coach is somebody who develops , improves or promotes change in a persons ability and /or understanding within a specific context'

' A sports coach is somebody who works with another person or group of people to develop and improve their understanding and ability in a sport and also to develop and improve them as people using sport as a vehicle for development'

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These roles are:

· Trainer Physical trainer, Help improve participants fitness,

· Motivator, Encouragement

· Mentor,helping others, looks out for you. keeps you on track.

· Teacher, Sharing information, teaching people how to do things so that they can learn new skills and techniques.

· Guide,Keep you on track

· Phychologist,make you mentally prepared to play

· Leader, Role model

· Mediator, Peace maker

· Organiser, Preparation

· Disiplinerain, keeping participants in line

· Friend, Good working keep participants feet on the floor.

The skills of a coach

· A coaching session can be sub-divided into three different aspects, before during and after

· The before aspect is the planning phase,the during aspect is the delivery phase the evaluation phase.

· the process is a circle, by using the evaluation phase it formulates a plaun for the delivery stage.the circle event is called the coacching process, good coaches use it as they plan their session.

Rugby coach

Being a rugby coach, means you are responsible for running and supervising all training and

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