Principles of Communication in Adult Social Care Settings

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1. Identify the different reasons why people communicate (1.1.1) People communicate in many different ways often to share information, emotions, thoughts and feelings. People also communicate to learn by asking for information and instructions such as how to do a certain task or asking someone for directions. People will often share emotion through communication like how they are feeling at the time or telling them about a recent life event. People communicate about thoughts and suggestions. Communication can be used to share reassurance and to understand and to be understood. People make, build and sustain relationships through communication. People share knowledge and receive knowledge through communication. 2. Explain how…show more content…
Possibly a change of subject might be more beneficial to the individuals mood or feelings. Does the individual appear confused? This maybe because the correct method of communication is not being used or isn’t in a way that the individual understands. Communication would break down if response wasn’t being met to an individual’s reactions. If communicating in a certain way kept making an individual upset or angry then that individual would simply stop communicating or become even angrier or upset which would break down relationships and communication. An individual who appeared to be in a low or sad mood may react well to reassurance, sympathy or a compliment. Whereas negative communication would only worsen that individuals mood and again would break down communication and relations. Reaction is key to when we are communicating. 7. Explain how individuals from different backgrounds may use, or interpret communication methods in different ways (3.3.1) Indivduals from different backgrounds will use many different ways of communicating. An individual from a background of gangs may use slang and hand gestures as a way of communicating. To another individual from the same background this would be fine but for an individual from a entirely different background this may come across as rude and/or abrupt. Individuals may not talk/communicate in the same way to their friends as they would their boss or a
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