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“Red bull gives you wings”, that is one slogan which is known by everyone. Origins of Red Bull can be witnessed as an Austrian Company working since 1987. In terms of market share, Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world (Red Bull, 2012). The creation of Red Bull was inspired by a Thai Company who used to make energy drinks in Thailand. Over the time, the popularity of Red Bull is increasing and approximately 4.5 billion cans are consumed each year in almost 160 countries (Red Bull, 2012).
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Hence we can also see that the main condition of Perfect competition is where Marginal cost is equal to price.

|Properties of Perfect Competition |
|Product Type |Homogeneous |
|No. of Competitors |6 |
|Barrier Entry/Exit |No |
|Price determined by |Market |


Target Market can be defined as when a company targets a specific group of people. It can be defined as people who have needs and wants that can be fulfilled with the goods and services that the company produces. Company only targets those consumers to who they want to sell it. Most important part of target market is to come up with a marketing plan. As a Marketing manager we have to come up with different marketing segments. After extensive Market research my team came up with the stats that Red Bull is consumed by almost everyone: they have different people of different ages who consume the product. The main segment of Red Bull is hard working men, women and people

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