Principles of Infection Control

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Unit ICO1 The principles of infection prevention and control Understand roles and responsibilities in the prevention and control of infections. All care workers have a responsibility to follow the infection prevention and control guidance of the organisation they work for and to work in such a way that the infection risk to service users, themselves and others is minimised. Care workers also have a responsibility to keep up to date and attend infection prevention and control training. The company or owner of a care home is responsible, under health and safety legislation, for maintaining a safe environment for service users, visitors and care workers alike. Policies and procedures for prevention and control of infection would form…show more content…
| |5 |Ensure that people who have or develop an infection are identified promptly and receive appropriate | | |treatment and care to reduce the risk of passing on the infection to other people. | |6 |Ensure all staff and those employed to provide care in all settings are fully involved in the | | |process of preventing and controlling infection. | |7 |Provide or secure adequate isolation facilities. | |8 |Secure adequate access to laboratory support as appropriate. | |9 |Have and adhere to polices, designed for the individual’s care and provider organizations that will | | |help to prevent and control infections. | |10 |Ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, that care workers are free of and are protected from |
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