Principles of Info. Syst. Bus. Org. Module 3: Computer Network Design

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Computer Network Design When opening a new business, the computer network design needs to be designed to meet the needs of the business and protect the business assets at the same time. There are three aspects to the designing of the network system, which include technology and software, people and the human aspect, and the combination of the two. The technology and software are the core components of the actual system that determine how it will operate and protect the assets. The people and human aspect is how the system will use the people to the advantage of protecting the assets of the business. The sociotechnical, or the combination of the two, will determine the interactions of the technology and the users, or employees and company members. For a medium sized food store, the computer network design can be set up rather simple. The computers can be set up in a line, for the cash registers, with computers in the office being at one end. "Networks are usually classified using 3 properties: Topology, Protocol, and Architecture." (Network Structure, 2001) The bus topology, where the computers are attached to a common cable called a bus or backbone, is appropriate for a line of computerized cash registers and the office since they are all arranged in a single line. The protocol would specify the system requirements, such as the bar codes of the products being sold telling what the products are and prices, coupon policy, and other policies indicated for the selling of

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