Principles of Management

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Chapter 1: 1. Developing employee skills is a challenge in almost any environment. What type of skills needs to be mostly developed for EMAL trainees?

* Technical skills.

2. Once those employees progress in their careers and get promoted, what kind of skills would be needed?

* Human skills the most and less of technical and conceptual skills.

3. Go to the Emirates Aluminum Website at What can you tell about the company’s emphasis on people and their careers? How does the company emphasize the hiring of local, in addition to international, talents?

* The company takes a special care of its employees and makes a lot of effort to improve their human powers by training. The company focuses on
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How do you think new employees “learn” the culture?

* The happiest people in this culture would be those employees who like serving the clients of this organization. The new employees can learn this culture by watching their colleges at work doing the job, or by special training.

4. What could other organizations learn from the Ritz-Carlton about the importance of organizational culture?

* Other organizations can learn from Ritz how to keep the same high quality of outcomes and also maintaining the freedom and the happiness the employee has.

Chapter 4: 1. Do you think the example of Maktoob can be repeated in the Arab world? Can locally grown companies become attractive to global industry giants or was Maktoob exception?

* Yes, I think the example of Maktoob can be repeated because there are a lot of other local companies who I think other international companies will be interested to work with Arabs.

2. What does it take, in your opinion, for the Arab employees to join the global work community? What skills and traits need to be developed?

* To join the global work community Arab employees need to reach a high level of skill to be able to work with the international pressure. He skills that employees need to achieve to go globally are their working skills and the ability to communicate and understand other cultures.

3. Do some research on Yahoo’s acquisition of Maktoob. What lessons can be
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