Principles of Marketing: Establishing a New Business

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Establishing a New Business 1.The business name will be "Beware the Beak" and provides a pet-related service. It will be located in Los Angeles with the plan to expand it to other large cities. 2.The mission statement of the company is the following: To help people improve their relationship with their companion birds by providing the people the skills to reduce unwanted behaviors and increase wanted behaviors in their birds. 3.The general objectives of the business are as follows. First, to establish a network of referrals through vets, pet shops, bird breeders, humane societies, and bird clubs. Second, to set up a web presence. Third, to set a price structure for different services. Fourth, to have five clients by six months. Due to the nature of the business, clients will be temporary (purchasing services for one to three months), so meeting client goals will require acknowledging this. Five clients should bring in about $4000 a month. 4.I believe that I have the appropriate and uncommon skills to begin and expand this business. Many individuals buy larger birds (parrots, cockatoos, macaws) and then do not have the skills to keep the birds happy, leading the birds to begin to scream and bite. This leads people to euthanize or abandon their birds. My aunt is a bird breeder and so I have grown up with birds and understand how to promote behaviors that will allow people to keep and love their birds, thus making the pet-owners happy and saving the birds from potentially
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