Principles of Marketing

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A G E N E R A L O V E RV I E W O N PRAN IN BANGLADESH American International University of Bangladesh Subject: Principles Of Marketing Section: K Name and ID of the members of the group1.Islam Aminul 2.Islam Touhidul 3.Rahman Md Mostafizor 4.Shahnawaz Khan 5.Khalid Ibrahim Submitted To, Samira Nuzhat Lecturer AIUB Last date of submission: 19 April 2010. 2 09-14147-2 09-14139-2 09-14084-2 09-14134-2 08-11892-2 Date: 19 April 2010 Samira Nuzhat Course Instructor Principles of Marketing Subject: Submission of report. Dear Madam, It gives ours immense pleasure to submit a report on “Pran”. This report is submitted as a partial fulfillment as a part of our course.The preparation of the report has given ours and insightful…show more content…
Pran products will be distributed trough a network of retailers in the top high sellable markets. Among the most important channel partners being contracted are: Firstly if the product is made, than it is shown in the wave page. This is like another countries. Its price like all information will include. For in this countries sellable product means main packing product are divided into some group. Each group has five or six members and it has only one boss. The boss maintain all things. He or she then observe and declare that what place the products will go. It there is lack of product boss will searve. 11 SWOT Analysis of PRAN STRENGTH • • • • • • • • • • • • Large company Experience Greater sources of finance Greater control over sources of raw materials Risk-pooling Huge distribution network Weaknesses Disproportionate promotions strategy Control Lack of first-mover’s advantage In-house media planning and promotional activities Distance and transportation cost Perishable item OPPORTUNITY • • • • • • • • • Huge demand Overseas expansion Natural resources Cheap labor Ethnocentrism Government incentives Value Added Tax (VAT) Duty Drawback facility Cash Incentives THREATS • Price wars with competitors • Stricter health and technical standards • Reduced benefits • Competition 12 OBJECTIVES: Marketing

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