Principles of Marketing and Production Management (Ebay)

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Principles of Marketing & Production Management

Benjamin Walter
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Monday 24th June 2013

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This is the story of eBay eBay, founded by a French computer programmer, Pierre Omidyar, was the first company to incorporate the auction process online. When eBay first started out, it was known as AuctionWeb, back in 1995.
The first item sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer, which sold for an amount of
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The following are some of the promotional mix adopted by eBay:
As eBay is a web based company dealing with commerce (the buying and selling of products), the organization requires very little public advertising as most of the organization’s advertisements are circulated throughout the internet. However, there are still quite a number of public advertising that can be seen throughout the world. eBay advertisement on the streets

eBay advertisement on a bus

Personal Selling
During the starting years of eBay, Pierre Omidyar adopted a very simple approach into selling, which is, “there is always a market for any product that you are selling, the only challenge is in finding that right target market.”
So instead of establishing a retail store that simply deals with the buying and selling of products, Pierre instead adopted the approach of getting people connected from all over the world.
Over 40 Million products are sold over eBay, not through their own manufacturing power but rather through the collective collection of the people, distributors, and manufacturers.
Furthermore, for a fact that there a number of manufacturers whom are registered users that are selling directly to consumers is also a form of personal selling.
Sales Promotion
The most prominent sales promotions and short term
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