Principles of Mental Health

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The Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Programs or CACREP (2012) lists and describes the five principles of mental health as follows: Principle of Prevention consists of the knowledge of the causes, diagnostic processes and names, treatment, referral and prevention of mental and emotional disorders. The knowledge also includes the disease concept and etiology of addiction and co-occurring disorders (CACREP). The National Mental Health Association likewise identified the five core principles of an effective prevention program (Williams, 2002). It is theory-driven and supported by a scientifically valid rationale. It is tested and proven capable of achieving its goals. It does more than provide information but invests much time to significantly form and influence appropriate and relevant behaviors and skills. It is holistic and focuses on reducing risk factors and supports healthy development. It does so by addressing the many aspects of a person's life and environment. And it is capable of…
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