Principles of Nursing and Health Essay

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Principles of Nursing and Health Assignment

This is essay is going to examine the principles of nursing and health. In order to do this it must look at the concept of health then describe the dimensions that make up health. Secondly, an adult individual will be chosen in order to discuss the determinants that affect their health. It will then go on to explain the underpinning professional, ethical and legal principles that would be taken into consideration if the individual were to require nursing care. Finally, it will identify how carrying out this assignment has informed the writers personal concept of nursing.

Before being able to describe the dimensions of health, it is important to look at the concept of health. Throughout the
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The final dimension of health is environmental. This is concerned with the environment that the individual lives in, their economic standing and occupational hazards.

An adult individual has been chosen to provide an overview and look at the determinants that affect their health. For the purpose of this essay, the individual will be referred to as George. This is to maintain the individual’s confidentiality and anonymity; therefore, a false name has been used. Consent has been gained to base this essay on the individual.

George is a 58-year-old white male, who was born and raised in the west of Scotland. He has a mild learning disability and little educational qualifications. He assists in the distribution of the local press, which involves sitting in a van for long periods with heavy lifting in-between. George’s employment provides him with only a low income and therefore he does not own his home. George does not see family or friends often, as he prefers to stay in playing his computer or watching television. George has coronary heart disease, which led to a myocardial infarction. George recently underwent a quadruple bypass. Before this, George had developed type two diabetes mellitus, for which he was encouraged to change his diet, exercise and prescribed medication. Since the heart attack, George is now dependant on insulin.

In order to discuss the determinants that affect Georges health it is
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