Principles of Primary Health Care

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Primary health care is the indispensable care based on the real – world, systematically sound, socially adequate technique and technology which made unanimously available to the families and every individuals in the community through their fully involvement where the community is capable to afford at a cost to uphold at every phase of their growth in the essence of self-reliance and self-government. Primary health care in international health is associated with the global conference held at Alma Ata in 1978; the conference that promoted the initiative health for all by the year 2000. “Primary health care defined broadly at Alma Ata emphasized universal health care across to all individuals and families , encouraged participation by …show more content…
All health services are unanimously accessible to individuals and families in the community.

Furthermore, Appropriate Technology is another principle of primary health care. Proper technologies should be used so that it will give correct results. Appropriate technologies are the technology that is systematically sounds adaptable to local needs and adequate to those who apply it and for whom it is being used. Some of the machines that are used in hospitals are, x-ray machines, scanning machines etc. This technology makes the work easier and it is fast in giving results. Technologies are vital in primary health care. Health technology assessment can also provide decision-makers with scientific evidence about the technology and the benefit to the patient or help them determine that the technology would be of benefit, but no more than one that is less expensive.

Moreover, the third principle of primary health care is the Emphasis on Health Promotion. Health promotion means empowering people to increase control over and to improve on their health. It is also the art and science of people as certain the synergies between the amongst their main craving and optimum health and assisting them in changing their daily lifestyle to more towards a state optimum health. Emphasis on health promotion mainly focuses on averting disease and infirmity on healthier population and heartening health lifestyle. All nurses should visit local health centers and nonprofit
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